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Scroll through our list of scholarships: check your eligibility and follow the instructions listed below each opportunity to apply. It is only possible to apply for one scholarship per applicant per summer, and scholarships cannot be combined.
  • First Generation Scholarship

    Scholarship description

    • This scholarship has been created to help first generation students finance their participation in one of the Pre-University summer programmes organised by the Summer Programmes Office.
    • Priority will go to Dutch students studying at a high school in the Netherlands. Other nationalities are also welcome to apply. 
    • The First Generation Scholarship is worth €1000. The scholarship aims to increase education mobility for those who would not otherwise be able to join a  summer programme. 

    Eligibility requirements for applicants

    • This scholarship is meant for first generation students studying at high school. The Summer Programmes Office defines a first generation student as follows: prospective students who are the first in their nuclear/immediate family to attend university, or who have the prospect to do so. 
    • Additionally, this scholarship is meant for first generation students who do not have the financial means, or the possibility to gain the financial means, to participate in one of our summer schools.
    • In order to receive a First Generation Scholarship, you must submit your scholarship application simultaneously with your application to be admitted to one of the eligible summer programmes. 
    • If you are the recipient of a First Generation Scholarship, you will be required to write and submit a reflection report after the programme is complete. Specific information will be given to scholarship recipients in the summer.  

    How to apply 

    • Step 1: Please check if you meet the eligibility requirements listed above.
    • Step 2: Prepare a motivation letter, explaining what you hope to learn during the summer programme, how it will help you with your own (personal, academic, and/or professional) development, as well how attending summer school will help you develop (inter)cultural competencies.  
    • Step 3: Indicate in the online application form that you are applying for the First Generation Scholarship. If the option is not present in the scholarship section/list, then the course you are applying for is not eligible.
    • Step 4: Apply to the scholarship by submitting all of the documents with your programme application. Merge all completed documents as one PDF file with your programme motivation letter, and upload them in the application portal. This single file should include: 
      • Your letter of motivation for the programme to which you are applying;
      • Your First Generation Scholarship motivation letter
      • Your completed questionnaire and signed declaration. This document can be downloaded below.  

    Selection process and timeline  

    • The deadline to apply is 15 February 2024. 
    • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the scholarship motivation letter in combination with the rest of your application. These scholarships will be awarded by the Summer Programmes Office scholarship selection committee.  
    • We may be in touch shortly after the deadline to request additional information or to clarify details of your application. We will only review and include fully completed applications.

    Questions and contact 

    • If you have questions about the First Generation Scholarship, please get in touch with the Summer Programmes Office via email at and be sure to include 'first generation' in the subject line.  

    Additional required documents 

    • Please download the Questionnaire and Declaration at the link below (Microsoft Word file). Complete all elements, sign it, and ensure you attach it to your application as stated above.