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Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics & Identity
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Scholarships for Pre-University Honours Programmes

Scroll through our list of scholarships: check your eligibility and follow the instructions listed below each opportunity to apply. It is only possible to apply for one scholarship per applicant per summer, and scholarships cannot be combined.

  • First Generation Scholarship

    Application deadline: The final date to apply is the regular admission deadline 1 May 2021. Applications for our pre-university honours programmes are processed on a rolling basis.

    Number of scholarships: One scholarship is available per pre-university honours programme. 

    Eligibility requirements: Applicants must be the first person in their family to have the (future) opportunity to attend university and who do not have the financial means to attend our summer programmes without a scholarship. Our definition of first generation scholar is someone who's parents have not undertaken university/community college education after high school. Applicants for these scholarships must download, fill out, and sign the declaration of eligibility. Your application is incomplete without this document (linked at the end of this section). There is one First Generation scholarship available per programme.

    Qualifying programmes: All Pre-University Honours Programmes organised by the Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences. 

    Scholarship value: €600 tuition fee reduction scholarship 

    How to apply: When applying via the online application system on our website, please indicate this opportunity in the scholarship field. In addition, please write a personal statement in addition to the letter of motivation required. The personal statement must include: 

    • In 400-500 words please describe how being awarded the First Generation Scholarship would benefit you academically, professionally, and/or personally and give us insight into your reasons for applying for this scholarship. 
    • Be sure to attach the completed Declaration of Eligibility (downloadable below). Without this declaration, your application will be incomplete.
    • Upload your Personal Statement, Declaration of Eligibility, and Letter of Motivation as one (merged) PDF document when you apply via our online application portal. 

    Selection criteria: Eligible candidates are selected for a scholarship on the basis of the quality of their application as a whole (completeness, accuracy and consistency). Candidates should pay specific attention to the following selection criteria:

    • The quality of the letter of motivation in which the candidate explains the reasons for choosing the summer programme they are applying to
    • The quality of the personal statement in which the candidate clearly explains the broader context and relevance of the course for future personal, professional and/or academic goals.

    It is a plus if a candidate also:

    • Clearly formulates goals or research questions indicating topics of interest the applicant wishes to explore further during their summer programme
    • Formulates plans for knowledge sharing and/or community impact after the programme
    • Has had few or no prior international/study-abroad opportunities.

    Questions: If you have any questions about eligibility requirements, or about this scholarship in general, please email