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Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics & Identity

As our hyper-connected world draws closer together, it falls to present and future generations to understand how this affects the political climate. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined with political decisions, as is our identity. But how can something as fluid and changeable as identity be the basis for political debate? What implications does our own identity have on our political beliefs, and how does our identity have an impact on and change the interpretations of others, and to what extend do they change our political establishments and conversations? This summer programme will bring together high school students from across the world to study an important topic at the university level.

  • Programme at a glance
    Mode of instruction: On-campus (2 weeks) 
    Academic dates: Sunday 16 July - Thursday 27 July 2023 
    Housing dates: Saturday 15 July - Friday 28 July 2023 
    Academic fees: €1450 read more about what is included in the fees.
    Housing fees:

    €425 and a €75 refundable deposit.

    Registering for housing is mandatory. Read more about university-organised accomodation.

    Early admission deadline: Wednesday 1 February 2023. Admissions will be processed throughout the year on a rolling basis. 
    Final admission deadline: Applications now closed 
    Who is this programme for?                                                                                                 For current high school students (must be 16+) interested in (identity) politics, political science, and the social and behavioural sciences in general. 
  • Programme description

    Trump! Brexit! Black Lives Matter! Pride! Many of today’s political developments seem to revolve around identity in more ways than one. While some acknowledge the importance of identity politics in an age with growing inequalities, others argue that focusing on identity in the political arena distracts from the “real cause” of contemporary political anger: economic inequality. 

    In the first week of this summer programme, we will examine the concept of identity through an academic lens, and analyse how it intersects with other important concepts such as culture, class, race, sexuality, and ethnicity. In the second week, we will turn to current political debates that are strongly steered by ‘identity politics’, most dominantly those around populism, globalization, environmentalism, and antiracist social movements. \

    In our lectures, the students will be given the theoretical background to participate in empirical discussions that will be the basis of our interactive online seminars and class debates. In these sessions, students will work together to disentangle empirical manifestations of identity politics, unravelling how both are so closely bound together. Students will use their home context as nodes that are deeply entrenched in local and global debates about democracy.  

    Students will experience studying in a supportive international environment hosted by the University of Amsterdam. The lectures and all course materials are in English. Participants in the course will develop study skills and become acquainted with learning methods that will give them an advantage as they continue their education at university. 

  • Academic director

    Erinne Paisley (rMA) is a lecturer at the UvA in Media Studies. She studied New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam after completing a BA at the University of Toronto in Media and Book Studies as well as Peace, Conflict, and Justice within UofT’s Munk School of Global Affairs. She is a lead investigator on the research project Digitized Love and Intimacy on Hinge, a collaboration between UvA’s Social Science and Humanities departments. Erinne has published academically on feminist data studies and fake news, as well as authored three internationally published books for young-adults on social media activism. Her research interests include digitally mediated intimacy, gender-based violence, and social media and popular protest.  

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    Looking for an alumni perspective? Read this interview with Grace Forrest, who attended the Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics & Identity in summer 2018. 

Facts & Figures
Mode Short-term
Credits 0 ECTS, 2 weeks
Language of instruction English
Starts in July