Comprehensive Introduction to Research Methodology and Design

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This programme is for both internal candidates at the UvA as a prerequisite for the Master's degree and candidates who are studying at another institution.

Quick Facts

  • Student profile ⇒ Current MA students, MA Applicants to the UvA
  • Housing dates ⇒ 17 July afternoon - 15 August morning 2018
  • Academic dates ⇒ 18 July - 14 August 2018
  • Academic Directors ⇒ Dr. Alexandru Voicu
  • Application deadline ⇒ External: 1 May 2018

Why take this programme?

This course aims to lay a solid, diverse and integrated foundation for conducting first-rate qualitative and quantitative research, and for embedding it in effective and feasible mixed-method research designs. At the end of this summer programme, students will have a good understanding of the most important principles and practices of social science research. They will also be able to improve their knowledge and skills independently after the course, and thus pursue their substantive research interests without methodological hindrance. This programme begins with the presentation and discussion of the most important qualitative methods for all students in the social and behavioural sciences. We then focus on the inferential possibilities and limitations of various research strategies, introducing students to the crucial issues of research design.

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Photo by Maartje Strijbis

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