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Practical matters

Public transport in Amsterdam

Timetables and routes

The public transport system in Amsterdam is run by GVB, which is the municipal public transport operator. Check the GVB website or the GVB booklet in your welcome packet for timetables and routes.

Timetables and routes on GVB website


Throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands, the public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is used for travelling on trams, buses, metros or trains.

Learn more about the OV-chipkaart

Photo: Dirk Gillissen

Forms of public transport


Trams are the most common form of transportation. Most lines start at the Central Station and extend to the districts of Oost (East), Zuid (South) and West (West).


Most buses leave from the Central Station. As trams do not go to Noord (North) and few go to the outer suburbs, you will have to take a bus to these places. 


There is a free ferry behind the Central Station with routes to Noord (North).


Two metro lines connect the Central Station with Zuid (South) and Oost (East). The metro is useful for getting to the Eurolines international bus station at Amstel Station.


Taxis are not cheap in Amsterdam. You can order a taxi from the Taxicentrale or other taxi companies. In the city centre, a single-person taxi ride will cost at least €7.50.