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Practical matters

The OV-chipkaart

The OV-chipkaart is a public transport card that is valid on all forms of public transport in the Netherlands.

Buying an OV-chipkaart

A new, anonymous OV-chipkaart costs €7.50 and can be bought at the airport, train stations or metro stations.

Photo: Grace Yano

How to use the OV-chipkaart

Step 1: Loading the Card

Add sufficient credit or a travel product (such as a season ticket) at a train station ticket machine or an add-value machine in metro stations. You cannot pay with a credit card.

Step 2: Check-in

To check in, scan your card at to the logo on the card reader. The system checks for sufficient credit or a season ticket and will give a signal that you can see and hear.

For the train and metro, check in at the card readers by the station entrance or on the platforms. For the tram and bus, there are card readers just inside the doors.

Step 3: Check-out

At the end of your journey, hold your card up to the logo on the card reader. The fare will be deducted if you are travelling on credit.

Lost Card

If lost, you can buy a replacement card at Amsterdam Central Station. Money on your lost card cannot be recovered.

Visit the OV-chipkaart website