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Practical matters

Cycling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the bicycle capital of the world, with over 800,00 bicycles and cycle paths throughout the city. If you'd like to blend in with Amsterdam's local residents, try exploring the city by bicycle.

Bike rental

It is quite easy to rent a bicycle in Amsterdam. Bicycles can be rented per hour or per day. Some companies also have offers for longer rental periods. 

Students on bicycle
Photo: Maartje Strijbis

Tips for cycling

  • Remember to bike on the right side of the road.
  • Signal with your hand when turning.
  • Cross tram tracks at a perpendicular angle so you don’t fall.
  • Make sure you have working front and rear lights when cycling at night, otherwise you may receive a fine.
  • When people are walking in the bicycle lanes, use your bell to let them know you are coming up behind them.
  • At intersections without a yield designation, yield to the cyclist/motorist on the right.
  • Don’t ride directly next to or behind trucks and other large vehicles as they will not be able to see you. 
  • Don't park your bike by signs that say ‘Hier geen fietsen plaatsen’ (Do not park bikes here).
  • Be cautious and have fun!