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The Emergent Mind

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The Emergent Mind

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The ABC Summer School is open to Master's students and PhD candidates in fields relating to cognitive (neuro)science, cognitive psychology, etc. After our selection procedure, which will take place during the first two weeks of May, you will receive an e-mail on whether you have been selected to join the programme. Selection will be based on the applicant’s background in neuroscience + a first-come first-served policy.

Students of the UvA Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (RMBCS)

All RMBCS students need to participate in at least one ABC Summer School during their curriculum. You can choose whether to do this in your first or your second year. Make sure you register before the deadline of 17 May.


If you would like to join this Summer School, you can apply via the application form below. If you are a student from the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences, you have a guaranteed spot, but you also have to register yourself via the application form below. If you are a student from another programme, and you apply before the end of April, you will hear whether you can join in the last week of April at the latest. If you apply later, we will process your application as soon as possible.

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