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Housing & Practical matters

Scroll through this page to read about housing, the UvA campus facilities, travel/health insurance, the digital learning environment, visas, and our cancellation policy.

  • Housing
    Housing check in time Check-in is only possible at the times stated in your acceptance letter. It is not possible to check-in outside of the times listed therein.
    Housing check out time You must check out by 09:00 on move-out day. It is not possible to stay longer in residence. No exceptions will be made.

    Amsterdam is a popular summer destination for people from around the world. Due to limited urban space and high demand, affordable housing is extremely challenging to find. That's why the Summer Programmes Office works with DeKey Housing Corporation to help house participants in various locations in Amsterdam. 

    If you are traveling on a budget, we recommend that you apply for housing arranged through our office. All housing is first-come-first-served: make your plans early, and indicate on your application if you will be applying for university provided accommodation. If a strict budget is not your concern, then feel free to book your own accommodation. As above, please indicate this on your application form.

    DeKey owns basic, low-cost, student properties throughout Amsterdam. If, due to housing availability, they cannot house students nearby the UvA, they ensure that they are on a public transit connection with a link to the university. Rooms are either in private or shared dorms, with private or shared washrooms and kitchen/lounge facilities. Students are lodged in residences with their fellow classmates and summer school students.

    Student accomodation in the Netherlands falls under the category of low-income housing. These properties are usually occupied by students and long-term residents: the UvA partners with DeKey to make rooms available for short-stay. Rooms include basic furnishings, and we recommend that you bring your own comforts from home. 

    Please note that it is not possible to extend your stay in housing, or to arrive early. If you require more time in Amsterdam before or after the fixed housing dates (refer to the individual programme page), you will need to book accommodation for those times on your own. It is not possible to select your residence or room, as they are assigned per programme.

  • What's included in the fees?

    All programmes organized through the Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences (including this programme) are designed so that you can focus on participating in the course, and immersing yourself in a new environment. We make that possible by including the following in the tuition fee:

    1. All course readings and materials 
    2. Lunch on class days 
    3. Excursions and excursion lunches 
    4. Academic Opening/Welcome, and farewell events
    5. Access to the digital learning environment 
    6. A UvA Student Card 
    7. Access to all university buildings and facilities 


  • Study load

    Summer programmes at the University of Amsterdam follow an innovative educational format. We combine theoretical lectures in the classroom with programme-related excursions and practical workshops in order to facilitate different learning methods, and evaluate and reflect on what was learned in the classroom. This model also brings participants into contact with experts and professionals working in their field of interest, and the various communities with which we do research. 

    A typical programme schedule includes:

    • Morning lecture(s) and excursions (approximately 3 hours)
    • Lunch break (1 hour; lunch is included in your  academic fees on all class days) 
    • Afternoon excursions with applied workshops, tutorials, movie screening, and fieldwork (4 hours)
    • Friday (out of city) excursion, or time off to work on individual research. 


  • Credit transfer and gaining credit for your course

    Certificate of participation: All summer programmes students receive a participation certificate with an official seal from the University of Amsterdam. In order to receive this certificate, students are requested to adhere by the student code of conduct, and attend all programme elements and activities. 

    Earning academic credit: Students who wish to earn credits receive an official transcript stating the course taken, credits earned and grade obtained. The number of credits your programme is worth is found on the main programme page in the programme at a glance table. An official transcript will only be issued if the student completes all necessary programme components, and also writes the academic/research paper at the end of the programme. Once the grade for the paper has been received, the transcript will be issued digitally and if needed, by post. 

    Counting credits towards your degree: Students are responsible for ensuring that their home university will accept the credits, and final credit conversions need to be made by the home university. If you have questions about credit transfer, or need more information/documents about the programme for your home university's administration, please email us at

  • University facilities

    Students receive an UvA student ID card valid for the length of their stay at the University. This card gives the student access to a variety of student facilities, including the library and computers. The Summer Programmes Office makes use of the state-of-the-art Roeterseiland Campus, located in Amsterdam East.

  • Digital learning environment

    All of our programmes make use of Canvas, the UvA's digital learning environment.  Roughly one month before the start of your programme, you will receive an invitation by email to access Canvas. We recommend you do so as soon as possible. Once we invite you to Canvas, lots of programme specific communication will appear there. Canvas is where announcements, schedules, and readings will be posted, both in advance of your arrival, and during your stay in Amsterdam. 

  • Health and travel insurance

    Health Insurance

    Insurance is required. You are required to have appropriate health insurance for the duration of your stay in the Netherlands. For a diagram that indicates which insurance applies to you, please refer to the "Insurance" section of the Study in Holland website.

    Please check before you come to the Netherlands whether your insurance will cover the complete period of your stay abroad, and what type of coverage it consists of.

    Travel Insurance

    The Summer Programmes Office advises all participants to purchase travel insurance for their flights in addition to the insurance that they require to come to the Netherlands. In the unlikely event of a programme cancellation, students with travel insurance will be able to recuperate costs of their flights. The summer programmes office will refund the entire value of the programme should it be cancelled, as per our cancellation policy, but are not responsible or liable for covering transportation costs to or from the Netherlands.

  • Schengen visa

    In order to attend one of the summer programmes at the GSSS, you might need to obtain a Schengen or Short Stay Visa (Visum Kort Verblijf). You will not need a (provisional) residence permit since all summer programmes are less than 3 months in length. 

    Students from certain countries do not need an entry visa.  To see what applies to your situation, please visit this government website.

    The Summer Programmes Office is only able to send a letter to support visa purposes if you have been accepted to one of our programmes and all fees have been paid.

  • Cancellation policy

    Students may cancel their participation in a summer programme for a full refund, minus €250 administration fee (and potential housing costs), if the Summer Programmes Office staff is notified in writing (email is also valid) at least 30 days before the start of the programme (orientation/opening date). No refunds will be given after this date.  If students know there is a chance they may have to cancel, we encourage them to contact us as soon as possible so that non-refundable items are not booked for them. 

    In the event that a programme must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or an insufficient number of students, students who have paid tuition and housing fees will be reimbursed in full.  If applicable, students will be offered a spot in another programme, if a similar programme is available.