Social Cognition and the Brain

The 2018 Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) summer school on “Social Cognition and the Brain” brings together world-leading experts that share recent advances from their own research in the field of Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience. Social Neuroscience is a fascinating and fast-growing research field that aims to understand how the brain is involved in complex social behaviors, such as how we can understand and predict other people’s thoughts and feelings, how we are influenced by others, and how and why we trust others. Social Neuroscience has made rapid progress in understanding the neurobiological basis of social behaviors via an interdisciplinary research approach that combines the theories and methods from many other disciplines including Social Psychology, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, as well as Behavioral Economics. Its success is for instance exemplified by its expanding influence on other fields, such as Psychiatry.

Programme dates:

18 - 28 June 2018

Programme Director:

dr. Jan Engelmann

Application deadline 1 May 2018

The ABC Summer School “Social Cognition and the Brain” includes:

  • Master Classes from renowned experts in the field of Social Cognition and the Brain
  • Guidance by a designated tutor in performing a small research project
  • International symposium:
  • Lecture from the Visiting Honorary Chair in Social Cognition
  • Socials, including an opportunity to meet the Visiting Honorary Chair in Social Cognition personally
  • 4 EC after completion of the Summer School

Student profile

The ABC Summer School is open to Master's students and PhD candidates in in fields relating to cognitive (neuros)science, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, etc.


The ABC Summer School is an annual event organized by the interdisciplinary Research Master's Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

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This video gives you an impression of the ABC Summer School held in 2017.

4 EC, 2 weken

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