Programme Unisca Summer Course

About the course

The UNISCA Summer Course is an international, interdisciplinary university course, equivalent to 6 EC’s for Bachelor students, awarded by the University of Amsterdam (UvA). These 6 EC’s are achieved following:

1 EC = 28 hours of study: 28 x 6 = 168 hours of study

  • 40 hours conference week
  • 18 hours lecture days
  • 40 hours writing
  • 70 hours preparation (including reading)

UNISCA is a ten day Summer Course consisting of two parts: six lectures divided over one week. Following the lecture days will be a conferenceweek. Both parts are mandatory for all participants and consists of academic and practical preparation for the Model United Nations. 


  • Students will obtain knowledge of important issues concerning the United Nations;
  • students will improve their negotiation and debating skills and learn how to persuade and structure argumentation;
  • students will become familiar with knowledge of rules and procedures in a contemporary or coming UN conference. This entails knowledge of rules of conduct in an official UN forum, UN resolution writing, and knowledge of the policies of the countries and organizations within the UN;
  • students will have the opportunity to join an ICJ Moot Court to participate as a part (bachelor) or Judge (master). Law students only. 
  • students will gain knowledge on the role of journalists during a conference, their work and their influence on the events that happen during a UN conference.
  • Students will make friends from all over the world and enjoy Amsterdam through an pleasurable evening programme.

Published by  UvA Summer School

29 August 2016