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The Everyday City and Beyond

Reflections from former students

'Stepping foot into Amsterdam, which ranks as one of the most diverse cities in the world, was really an eye-opening experience. The cityscape that greeted my eyes when I stepped out of Central Station on the first day of my arrival was one that was starkly different from what I am used to back home. Coupled with the lectures and workshops the past week, my experience thus far has really allowed me to juxtapose several fundamental qualities of the urban, especially with regard to what being a public city really entails.'

-Denise Loh

'In general, I enjoy the learning atmosphere as a small group. The whole class has been exchanging a lot of information from our home countries and it is always fascinating to learn new things from others. Having neighbourhood walk and excursions were very down to earth and I felt more connected to the community.'

-Bobo Ng Wing Shan


'Besides, participation of the program enables me to live here rather than travel here. It is more like a guide to help me on discovering the city.'

-Vera Xia


'...a whole new world of theoreticians and specialists is opened up to me.'

-Nina Jensen

'I seriously cannot walk down a street now without having flashbacks to the lectures. It was a sweet, concise, and extremely impacting experience all around.'

-Alumnus 2016

Academic Director

MSc. Anna Dekker


UvA Summer School

Photo: Roshni Dokkum

Anna Dekker (BA Sociology UvA; MA Urban & Regional Planning UvA; City Design and Social Science LSE) is specialized in socio-spatial urban dialectics.  

Her academic and professional interests revolve around the planned vs. lived city, social cohesion and community development on the neighborhood level, the planning, design, use and experience of public space, co-creation processes, alternative mapping methods, feeling at home in the city and new work environments.

Published by  GSSS Summer Programmes Office

Graduate School of Social Sciences

7 December 2017