Security Governance & Conflict Resolution

The word ‘security’ is omnipresent in media, politics and daily conversations. But what does it actually mean? What makes one feel secure? And, more importantly, how is security organised in order to improve it and what are effective ways to deal with (violent) conflicts? In other words, in what ways is security governed?

Quick Facts

  • Student profile ⇒ Current BA, current MA
  • Housing dates ⇒ 15 June afternoon - 6 July morning 2018
  • Academic dates ⇒ 17 June - 5 July 2018
  • Academic Director ⇒ Dr. Martijn Dekker
  • Trip to Belgium ⇒ Included

Why join this programme?

This three-week programme will give students an in-depth look into the ways in which thinking and speaking about security have changed over time, and how stakeholders on various levels deal with conflicts and security, ranging from the international arena to the state and from private security companies to communities and individuals.

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6 ECTS, 3 weeks
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