Introduction to Sexuality Studies

Sexuality and gender define what it is to be human: they are at the core of our existence. But how does society define and reinforce these concepts?

Quick Facts

  • Student profile ⇒ Current BA, current MA, Professionals
  • Housing dates ⇒ 15 June afternoon - 6 July morning 2018
  • Academic dates ⇒ 17 June - 5 July 2018
  • Academic Directors ⇒ Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen and Mr. Laurens Buijs

Why join this programme?

In this summer school, we will study how these concepts impact our relationships within society, and the different theoretical perspectives that have been developed to study their role in social and familial relationships. Students will be equipped with analytical tools to study these themes critically and reflexively, and in interaction with other social distinctions, such as religion, social class and nationality, within the setting of an international classroom.

This three-week summer course provides a thorough interdisciplinary exploration of central texts and key concepts in the studies of sexuality and gender in the social sciences. This programme is an excellent opportunity for emerging scholars in the field of sexuality and gender to connect to peers. Our experienced staff help students to strengthen their academic identity in both formal and informal sessions, inside and outside the class room. Amsterdam and its sexual subcultures will be explored through field assignments.

UvA Summer School

Photo: Maartje Strijbis

6 ECTS, 3 weeks
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