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Grant Writing and Proposal Development

This course will expose participants to the strategies of conceptualizing and developing a grant proposal. Participants will be introduced to several organizations engaged in local and global activities targeted at education, outreach, and community development. Guided by individual ideas they wish to develop, participants will learn how to strengthen partnerships, identify resources, approach prospective sponsors, and develop their proposed projects.

The topics covered in the first two-weeks will guide you through the essential stages of proposal development, including formulation of specific project goals, collection and presentation of supportive background data and budgeting for appropriate project costs. You will learn about the mechanics of writing and editing for effective presentation of their proposal ideas. 

In the third week, participants will learn advanced frameworks and skills that will allow them to develop stronger, responsive proposals. Participants will learn how to identify collaborators, develop the overall proposal design as well as needs statement, budget, and evaluation sections, and assess proposal components based on funders’ criteria. The final product of this course is a draft of a grant proposal.

UvA Summer School

Photo: Maartje Strijbis

Study Load

The programme schedule from Monday to Friday includes:

morning lecture (2.5 hours)

lunch break (1 hour; provided by the University)  

afternoon workshop (2.5 hours)


As a Summer Institute student you receive a participation certificate with an official seal from the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Students who wish to earn credits receive an official transcript stating the courses taken, credits earned and grades obtained. The programme is the equivalent of a 4 European Credits (or 2 American credits) module. Students are responsible for ensuring that their home university will accept the credits and final credit conversions need to be made by the home university.

Participants who are not seeking course credit for this course will develop proposal components and receive feedback from the instructor. For participants seeking course credit, the main product of this course is a draft of a grant proposal. Participants will be evaluated based on the coherence of the overall proposal, proposal’s fit to the mission and need of the chosen non-profit organization, the quality of writing, and the clarity of proposal organization.

Published by  GSSS Summer Programmes Office

7 February 2018