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Yulia Strekalova

Yulia A. Strekalova, Ph.D., M.B.A., is Grants Development Director in the College of Journalism and Communications where she coordinates submissions of research and outreach grant proposals. She also holds a Ph.D. degree in science and health communication. Her research examines how health-related knowledge is shared, translated, and managed by lay consumers and healthcare professionals. She is particularly interested in the effects of communication and information behaviors (including information seeking, avoidance, and sharing) on health (self-)management. Strekalova's research has been published in Health Education and Behavior, Science Communication, Qualitative Health Research, Journal of Cancer Education, Journal of Communication in Healthcare, and, most recently, in Journal of National Cancer Institute. She has presented at numerous academic and professional national meetings. As a PI, she has recently completed a funded project that developed and evaluated a prototype of an interactive online application for information about clinical research; and, as a co-PI, she works on a project that assesses the use of pharmacogenomics testing in adolescent psychiatry.

When she doesn't read academic papers on knowledge exchange and risk communication, plan another academic study, look for grant opportunities, or brainstorm about the next proposal, she reads biographies and creative non-fiction and plans trips to interesting places.

Alumni Testimonials

“To study at UvA was a great opportunity to share learning experience with great minds from the university and internationally. The platform offered me great ideas to acquire excellent skills that yield benefits not only to myself but the community I come from. I entered the Grant Writing Course without a specific proposal in mind, but Yulia, the course Coach, made it possible to present a proposal at the end of the programme. It is definitely worth going through this  3 - weeks intensive training at UvA.”

--Emmanuel Danso, Operations Director

District Assemblies Common Fund

Accra, Ghana


I found “Introduction to (Advanced) Grant Writing” a useful early opportunity to structurally get acquainted with the fundamentals of writing grant proposals. It was fun to work with, and learn from the perspectives of, such a diverse group of ---people all working on grant proposals for their respective cause.  

-- dhr. N.Y. (Nils) Meiresonne MSc

Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica

Universiteit van Amsterdam


"I made the decision to apply for the Grant Writing and Proposal Development course because I already had experience in project management. I am a director of the Center for Children and Youth with multiple disabilities. I felt that the next logical step in my professional development would be to pursue further studies in project proposal development and grant writing. The Summer University has equipped me with the necessary background knowledge on project proposal development and has provided me with state of the art grant writing and project proposal development techniques. Attending the Summer University was a very positive experience.  The lectures were stimulating and brilliantly taught. I would highly recommend the course to everyone who is new and/or experienced in grant writing and proposal development, as I believe it may be beneficial to his or her career."

--Tigranui Akopyan

Centre Director, Emili Aregak, Gyumri, Armenia


Published by  GSSS Summer Programmes Office

4 October 2017