Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics & Society

Over the last few decades, the topic of identity has become central to many political debates and developments. The Black Lives Matter protests, Women's Marches, Brexit, the debates on multiculturalism and migration in Europe, and the resurgence of nationalist movements in Scotland and Calatonia are just a few examples that illustrate the growing importance of identity in politics. But how should we understand identity? How do different aspects of identity relate to each other and to phenomena such as globalisation? And can identity help explain recent political developments? Are identity politics here to stay, or just a temporary measure?

Quick Facts

  • Student profile ⇒ Current high school students
  • Housing dates ⇒ 28 July afternoon - 10 August morning 2018
  • Programme dates ⇒ 30 July - 9 August 2018
  • Academic Director ⇒ Luuc Brans
  • Application deadline ⇒ Closed. See Pre-University Honours Programme: Amsterdam Global City

Why join this programme?

Participants in this course will examine the various aspects of identity and how it is related to recent political developments. Our summer programme provides students with an international classroom: participants come from diverse backgrounds, creating an excellent space to explore the topic of identity and to develop intercultural skills. Benefiting from insights from political science, sociology, anthropology, this programme provides students with an interdisciplinary exploration of a timely topic in the social sciences.As our hyper-connected world draws closer together, it falls to present and future generations to understand how this affects the political climate. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined with political decisions, as is our identity. But how can something as fluid and changeable as identity be the basis for political debate? What implications does our own identity have on our political beliefs, and how does our identity have an impact on and change the interpretations of others?

Pre-university Honours Programma  summer school 2017

Photo: Sander Nieuwenhuys

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